New Delhi: From artificial intelligence to the launch of an app for contact less services, technology has come handy to reduce the risk infection spread by ensuring minimum contact. Innovations deploying ultraviolet technology for disinfection are also on the cards

India's Banga-based nanotechnology start-up Log 9 Materials is all set to deploy its product ‘CoronaOven’ - a UV-based scientifically-designed disinfection/sanitisation chamber - at French President Emmanuel Macron's residence, the Élysée Palace in Paris.

The start-up, which has already deployed its indigenously-manufactured product in hospitals, airports, and several other public spaces across India, has collaborated with a Versailles headquartered conglomerate dealing in surveillance and security solutions, to process bulk orders for multiple clients. This includes a sample that will be placed at the French President's official residence.

Aiming to limit the surface-to-human-transmission of COVID-19, ‘CoronaOven’ is a disinfection/sanitisation chamber which uses multi-focal UV-C rays to kill the virus and other pathogens in two minutes.

Akshay Singhal, Founder & CEO, Log 9 Materials, said in a statement, "We have now decided to export the product to international buyers and communities. To this end, we recently got the CE mark certification for our product, and are currently receiving queries for CoronaOven from several European countries."

The founder also added that institutional buyers from Canada are also in the process of buying the product samples, and the start-up's next port of call will be the US market.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has called upon Indians to become self-reliant during the current crisis and asked the young Indians to take a lead in such innovations.

UV-based technology are also being deployed by food-tech and e-commerce companies in India to make home delivery of food, products, and packages Corona-safe through Internet of Things IoT-UVC disinfected delivery bags.

IoT and Artificial Intelligence Cloud Suite, IoTfy have launched multi-focal UVC technology to disinfect delivery bags. The technology is app operated and the sterilisation process can be initiated by the end user by a single click of the “Start UV Disinfection” button.

The AI cloud suite said that it would help reinstate trust and safety in the mind of users now dependent on online orders during the crisis.