Republic TV has accessed a video from Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) which reflects the reality of Pak Army — exploiting the civilians & using them as a shield

What was known all this while is now out in the open to haunt the Pakistan Army. Republic TV has accessed a video from Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) which reflects the reality of Pakistan Army — exploiting the civilians and using them as a shield. In the video, a Pakistani Army soldier is visible while rockets are being fired towards the Indian side from a civilian house. After the rocket is fired, civilians can be seen running around while a Pakistani Army soldier is seen standing near the house.

Unlike the Pakistani Army, Indian Army’s ethical practices prohibit them from attacking civilian settlements — something that Pakistan Army has taken full advantage of. Carrying out unprovoked ceasefire violations, Pakistan Army takes refuge in civilian houses as they are aware that the Indian Army would not retaliate by taking down civilian settlements.

'They Use Civilians As A Shield'

On the other hand, several Indian civilian settlements have come under fierce attack from Pakistani firepower. This comes after DG ISPR tried peddling lies on Wednesday by saying that civilian settlements were being targeted by Indian security forces. “This is not new. This was known all this while. But the video is a clear reflection of Pakistan Army’s mindset. They use civilians as a shield,” said a top source within the security apparatus.

Since January, Pakistan Army has carried out over 1,547 ceasefire violations. Top sources within the security apparatus tell Republic TV that the launch pads across the border are full of terrorists waiting to infiltrate. In the garb of the ceasefire violations, Pakistani Army has been trying to push terrorists across the border — many such attempts have been foiled by the Indian Army. Since January, over 70 terrorists have already been eliminated by the security forces.