Dozens of people were affected by the gas leak from a plant in Vizag

As has been reported by the Financial Express Online earlier, the Portable Multi-feed Oxygen Manifold system was designed by NDV. “This was done to enable one jumbo size Oxygen Bottle to supply the Oxygen to six patients simultaneously to the COVID-19 patients. Around 25 such sets were provided to District Administration for use in COVID-19 Designated hospitals earlier,” said the Indian Navy.

What Is This Portable Multi-Feed Oxygen Manifold System?

This system uses a 6-way radial header which is fitted to a single cylinder. This whole system was made operational by the manufacture of a Fine Adjustment Reducer. Also, for connecting the Oxygen cylinder and the portable MOM, there are specific adapters of requisite dimensions.

So far, the oxygen providing facility is meant for one individual patient through a Venti mask. In view of the global pandemic of COVID-19, the NDV has made this system which will provide relief to around 5-8 per cent of patients.

According to the Indian Navy, the initial trials for MOM was carried out at the MI Room at Naval Dockyard, Visakhapatnam, followed by faster trials at the Naval Hospital INHS Kalyani. The setting up of the portable MOM took a mere half hour and was ready to use. Naval Dockyard, Visakhapatnam has already started the manufacturing of these MOMs and has handed over to the local administration in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

What Happened Today At Vizag

Due to major gas leak from a chemical plant, 160 affected people were rushed to the KGH, Visakhapatnam.

All human resources and equipment were put in to use to deal with the crisis, including the Portable Multi-feed Oxygen Manifold system of the Indian Navy.