Twitter allegedly blocked Amul's account for a limited time over a creative supporting the cause of buying made in India products and boycotting Chinese goods

As soon as Republic Media Network reported on Twitter temporarily blocking Amul's account, netizens started bashing Twitter for its double standards. The micro-blogging platform allegedly blocked the dairy giant's Twitter handle for a limited time over a creative supporting the cause of buying made in India products and boycotting Chinese goods, however, Twitter restored Amul's account later.

Here is the netizens' outrage calling out the hypocrisy of Twitter which is not even present in China as they use a Chinese version of Twitter called 'Sina Weibo'.

After Twitter's move of blocking Amul for being nationalistic, a Twitter user opined that wars will be fought on social media platforms by blocking accounts of countries or their presidents/ prime ministers blocking the flow of information. 

Whereas some insisted on blocking Twitter in India, the way China has done for Twitter and Google calling it a move for safeguarding the interest of the country.

A user had already anticipated when Twitter had posted the creative and expressed his apprehension of the creative being removed. However, Twitter went a step ahead and blocked Amul's account, though now it has been restored with the tweet consisting the creative. 

Amul's creative comes in solidarity with the nationwide call of boycotting Chinese products after China's continued efforts to infiltrate Indian territory while claiming it their own. Clashes occurred on two occasions between the Indian army and the Chinese army. resulting in injuries on both sides. Chinese military helicopters were spotted close to the border between India and China in eastern Ladakh, following which Su-30 fighters of the Indian Air Force carried out sorties in the area. Indian and Chinese army personnel came face to face at Pangong lake in Ladakh on May 5, after which another face-off occurred four days later. 

Stand-Off And The Diplomacy To Resolve The Conflict

The Indian government has constantly shown a firm resolve stating that India will not let go of even an inch of land. The same has been asserted by the Chinese mouthpiece on Friday.

Meanwhile, diplomatic and military level talks are going on at Moldo to end the standoff along the LAC. Sources said that Lieutenant General Harinder Singh, the Commander of 14 Corps is holding talks with Major General Liu Lin, who is the commander of South Xinjiang Military Region of China's People's Liberation Army. Ten other officers from both sides are also present.

As per sources, both nations have tabled specific proposals to end the standoff and a number of skirmishes that have taken place between the army of both the nations along the LAC in the past few days. This crucial meeting comes after a breakthrough has not been achieved despite nearly 10 rounds of talks between the two sides.

Twitter Claims It As A Failed Verification Protocol Due Which The Account Failed To Open

Responding to the criticism, Twitter has issued a statement which said, "Safety and security of the accounts is a key priority for us and to ensure an account has not been compromised sometimes we require the account owner to complete a simple CAPTCHA process. This is easy for authentic account owners to solve, but difficult (or costly) for spammy or malicious account owners to complete. Once the account clears this security step, the account regains full access. To protect the accounts, we routinely require them to clear this security key for login verification."