The barbaric attack on Indian soldiers in Galwan Valley on the night on June 15 will have a major significance on Indo-China relations for years to come. It once again proved that China can't be trusted because after making statements to de-escalate the tension in the region, the Chinese army attacked Indian soldiers with rods, barbed wires and sharp objects. The Indian soldiers were apparently unarmed and following the protocol set in place by India and China.

The retaliation by Indian soldiers who managed to inflict even more damage to the enemy highlights that the Indian army is better trained than the Chinese army in terms of strength and stamina to sustain in the region.

"Actually, it's the courage and strength of Indian soldiers that has forced China to soften its stand and indulge in talks to withdraw from the Galwan Valley," says Lt. Gen. Arun Kumar Sahni, former General Officer Commanding in Chief, Indian Army. But we need to be very careful as this could be a trap of the Chinese army. "This could easily be a hoax and they could open the conflict on other locations too, apart from having some hidden agenda in Galwan Valley," adds Lt. Gen. Arun Kumar Sahni.

He believes that diplomatic efforts pay results only when we talk from the position of strength. "We should keep preparing for the possible assault only then the enemy would realise the mistake of disturbing the status quo and also the perils of launching a deadly attack on our jawans," believes Lt. Gen Sahni.

China Can't Stand A Strong India

Growing India, its ideology and India's acceptance world over is a major concern for China which wants to be the undisputed leader in the region, flexing its military strength to force nations to toe its line. Experts warn that India should be watchful of Chinese moves and make efforts to become a strong economic power. "Chinese economy is five times that of India and this puts China in a strong position--better equipment, better facilities. Also, the money power allows China to invest heavily in other countries, distribute loans, which leads to dependence of these countries on China," says NK Tripathi, former Director-General CRPF

The experts were talking to and during a Live FB interactive session on the situation in the Galwan Valley and the options available to India.

Build Up International Consensus Against 'Ill-Acts' of China

Experts believe that China has repeatedly flouted international norms when it comes to respecting territorial claims of other countries. Human rights record of China is dismal and India should not shy away from speaking the facts on matters that embarrass China.

The fight is going to be long and India should devise a long term strategy that should not be affected by who holds office in Delhi.