JAMMU: Turning tables on Congress leadership for misleading people of the nation with false and baseless propaganda against the Narendra Modi Government , Union Minister in PMO with Independent charge of North Eastern States , Dr Jitendra Singh today said that India lost Pak occupied Jammu and Kashmir (PoJK) in 1947 because of the blunders of Congress.

Talking to Excelsior on phone today, the Union Minister said the present crisis which the nation is facing especially with neighbouring countries of China and Pakistan was due to Nehruvian blunders. He, while reacting to the statement of the Congress leader and former Union Minister, Manish Tiwari who had alleged that whenever BJP came to power there was an intelligence failure, said “Let us go back to the Congress era and the blunders committed by its leaders to see the veracity of the statements of their leaders”.

Dr Jitendra Singh said that there would have been no PoJK at present had the then Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru not announced unilateral ceasefire in 1947 -48 when Pak army was on run and Indian forces had chased them. He said what forced the Nehru to visit the Mandi House in New Delhi at that time and announce the unilateral ceasefire when Pak forces were on run. He (Nehru) even violated the propriety of consulting his Cabinet colleagues by announcing the ceasefire at his own, the Union Minister added.

Terming it a great political blunder, he said since then India is reaping for the blunders committed by Congress and its towering leader, Jawaharlal Nehru who gave PoJK to Pakistan on platter. He wanted to know what compulsions were before the Congress at that time to announce unilateral ceasefire. The Congress party is answerable for this `Himalayan blunder’ to the nation, he added.

Dr Jitendra Singh said likewise during China war in 1962 when Nehru was PM our men were martyred by Chinese army and India suffered a heavy loss in that war. The then Defence Minister, Krishna Menon taking the responsibility had to resign, he added.

The Union Minister asked “Whose failure was that”? He said was it not the political failure of the Government of that time headed by Nehru who had even gone to the extent of saying that India does not need to keep the Army.

Ridiculing the statement of Manish Tiwari on intelligence failure, Dr Jitendra Singh asked how the Congress leader came to conclusion that it was an intelligence failure. He is not privy to intelligence. “I am in Government but I am not privy to it, neither I should be nor I am entitled ”, he added.

Dr Jitendra Singh, while referring to Pak misadventures in J&K, said that the Government across the border is under compulsion as they have nothing to sell among the people of that country so they resort to such type of actions. But, he reiterated that Pakistan is feeling the heat of Indian troops as they have been given a befitting reply.

He said the terrorism is on its last legs in Kashmir rather it is on run as the common man in Valley is fed up with gun culture and youth of Kashmir want to be the part on the main stream so that they don’t lag behind the other countrymen in taking the benefit of welfare and development schemes of Narendra Modi Government.

Kashmiri youth are coming forward in competing various competitive examinations held at national level to be the part of Narendra Modi’s developmental program, he added.

Unfolding the Modi Government’s policy programmes regarding eradication of unemployment in the country, Dr Jitendra Singh said that he is of the opinion that it is not possible to provide Government jobs to every person but the main thrust of every Government must be on employability. “We have to create conditions so that our youth can stand on their own legs and not only create employment avenues for themselves but for others too”, he added.

Dr Jitendra Singh exuded confidence that India will overcome the situation created due to the spread of COVID -19 and emerge as a vibrant economy in future with the resolve of countrymen.