The Government of India has taken the decision to reduce staff strength in the Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi by 50 per cent. Two Pakistan High Commission officials were caught for their involvement in espionage activities. In retaliation, Pakistan caught two Indian embassy officials in Islamabad and booked them in an alleged hit-and-run case

New Delhi: The Government of India has taken a decision to reduce the staff strength in the Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi by 50 per cent. "It would reciprocally reduce its own presence in Islamabad to the same proportion," the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) said on Tuesday.

Earlier today, Pakistan's Charge d’ Affaires was summoned and informed that India has repeatedly expressed concern about activities of officials of his High Commission.

"They have been engaged in espionage and dealings with terror organisations. Two officials were caught red-handed and expelled on 31 May was an example," the MEA further said.

The decision came weeks after two Pakistan Embassy officials in New Delhi were caught of their alleged involvement in espionage activities. The two officials were declared persona non grata and were asked to leave the country within 24 hours. The two were reportedly seeking information about Indian Army's movement along the LoC and were caught red-handed in a joint operation by the Indian agencies.

Subsequently, in vindictive action of sorts, Pakistan too booked two Indian High Commission officials in Islamabad for an alleged hit-and-run case and detained and tortured them for hours before releasing them.