The Russians claim that MiG-35 is a completely new 4++ Generation combat jet comparable to its top rivals in service with different air forces around the world

Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-35, Russia's 4++ Generation multirole fighter, is adding new features to help its pilots fly in different and difficult situations with ease. One such feature being incorporated in MiG-35 is voice assistant help which can provide various recommendations to the pilot during a difficult and potentially dangerous situation.

Russian Aircraft Corporation MiG Test Pilot Dmitry Selivanov told that the new voice assistant, which is unofficially called Rita, can suggest and even direct the pilot about the measures required during a particular situation.

"Everything in the new fighter is aimed at helping the pilot. In a critical situation, it can even suggest what should be done. Apart from that, an expert system is being developed, which will direct the pilot in difficult situations. We call her Rita, the voice communicant. Her voice remains pleasant and calm even if a fire hits the engine. She does not talk all the time; she just makes recommendations if the plane approaches some restrictions. Hints are also provided during combat usage," Dmitry Selivanov was quoted as saying by

According to Selivanov, the demonstration of the new voice assistant on the latest MiG combat aircraft being developed in single-seater and twin-seater versions has been progressing smoothly. The most difficult situation which a pilot is likely to face up in the air being currently being tested on the ground using simulators. Some of the situation being replicated include the cut-off of one engine or failure of a key system.

"Of course, no one would test such emergencies during flights. The most important thing is that the test pilot is always ready for any developments. To ensure this, he should be well versed in the technical equipment. Nothing serious has happened to MiG-35 yet. There were only some routine issues, which were later adjusted." claimed Selivanov.

Unveiled at the 2007 Aero India show in Bengaluru, the Russian fighter also entered the race for Indian Air Force (IAF) Medium Multirole Combat Aircraft deal for 126 jets. But the MiG-35 was later ruled out of the competition due to several shortcomings pointed out the IAF.

The Russians now claim that the current MiG-35 is a completely new combat jet comparable to its top rivals in service with different air forces around the world.

IAF test pilots Group Captain BS Reddy and Wing Commander FL Roy had in August 2019 flown the MiG-35 fighter at the International Aviation & Space Salon MAKS 2019 air show held at Zhukovskiy International Airport outside Moscow, Russia.