Riots are their ultimate goal

The USA has been rocked by countrywide protests in the honour of the killing of George Floyd. As the country marches for ensuring the safety of black lives, the protest predictably has been hijacked by the far-left who are indulging in violence, arson, and looting as they seek to help Democratic Nominee Joe Biden win the Presidential elections in November. Back in India, the left, including leftist media portals like The Quint, are wrongly drawing parallels as they compare it with the ‘plight’ of minorities in India.

The protests turned riots in America are the dream of every leftist in India and in a shocking development, Raghav Bahl owned The Quint is sending bulk emails to its readers calling for the replication of the violent Black Lives Matter protests in India.
At a time when the world is battling a China-made pandemic, the USA is rocked by countrywide protests calling for justice for the gruesome death of George Floyd who died in a case of police brutality. Unfortunately, the protests have been overrun by mischievous elements who are indulging in violence and loot in the name of George Floyd. Leftist media houses like The Quint shockingly want the violent protests to be replicated in India.

In a bulk E-Mail to its followers, The Quint first emphasises on the rampant racial bias in the USA and then attempts to draw a parallel as it falsely claims that, “India is no stranger to communal attacks and police beatings.” It then laments the fact that, “But they don’t elicit similar criticism in our backyard.”

The mail then talks about how the protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act were quelled by “lathis” and “tear gas”. The mail, written by Shorbori Purkayastha who is a senior producer at The Quint, then takes a radical and provocative turn as Purkayastha writes, “But if Indians are joining in to call out George Floyd’s death, why don’t similar killings and similar profiling in India not trigger such widespread protests in India? What will it take to introspect and bring justice home?”

The intentions of The Quint are quite clear. India was rocked with anti-CAA protests earlier this year where leftists hatched a conspiracy to spark violent protests across the country. While they were successful as the country witnessed cases of violence be it the brutal murder of IB officer Ankit Sharma by AAP councillor Tahir Hussain who worked in cahoots with JNU ‘student’ and an ardent follower of Karl Marx, Umar Khalid to Sharjeel Imam’s ‘break India’ speech, the country had seen it all as Delhi was rocked with communal riots. The left, including the likes of media portals like The Quint, tried to tarnish Donald Trump’s visit to India but Trump didn’t pay any heed to their agenda and was unfazed.

However, in retrospect, the Indian government did a good job containing the violence looking at how the leftists have wreaked havoc in America. Make no mistake, the plan was to do something similar in India under the garb of protesting against the CAA, but the India left failed to do so. Purkayastha and her colleagues at The Quint are clearly frustrated and want to start Shaheen Bagh 2.0 which might be a more menacing and violent version.

What’s more shocking is that The Quint is calling for nationwide protests in the midst of a pandemic which could have serious repercussions for the country. If the Shaheen Bagh drama spurts up again, there is no doubt that India will become the next hotspot of the Wuhan Coronavirus.

The Quint usually ends up at the wrong side of the debate as from creating an imaginary ‘COVID 19 hospitals task force’ to target the government to depicting India’s territory as that of Pakistan and of course, directly aiding Pakistan in the Kulbhushan Jadhav case at the International Court of Justice to abetting the suicide Lance Naik Roy Mathew who became a victim of The Quint’s gutter journalism, the left-wing media portal has proven to be a habitual offender who’s journalism directly hampers India’s interests.