Congress party spokespersons (English)

Members of Dharwad District Veterans’ Forum has urged political parties not to drag the Indian Army into their political mudslinging as it demoralises the men in uniform in particular, their family members, and the country in general.

Speaking to media persons here on Tuesday, Air Commodore C S Havaldar (Retd) said: "This (India-China stand-off) is not the situation for political parties, especially Opposition parties, to show one-upmanship against the government. We as a nation have to show unity against an adversary like China. If the Opposition parties try to score political points, then it would demoralise the army,” he said.

“There are hundreds of ways to pin down the government, do not use the army’s shoulder to fire at the ruling dispensation, as we (soldiers) do not fight for Indira Gandhi, Narendra Modi, or any political party, but for the nation,” he asserted.

Without naming any political party, he said, such ‘Enemy Forces’ for their political (especially ideological) interests are sacrificing national interests. “For whose sake are soldiers fighting the war?” he asked.

Lesson From Enemy

Havaldar said, henceforth India and its citizens should consider China as its ‘enemy’ for its unreliable character, and to stop the expansionist character of China, we have to support Indian army.

Banning Chinese mobile applications and mobile phones should be part of our multi-pronged fight against the ‘dragon country’. Our top priority should be to become self-reliant in terms of weaponry to fight them. Calling for 'Athmanirbartha' in defence, the war veteran asked the government to give thrust to arms that were ‘Made in India’.

“Rushing our Defence Minister to Russia to expedite advance weapons is not a happy situation. India should be in a position to produce the required amount of firepower for its defence,” he said, and added that in the Indian army is capable to fight to safeguard the Indian borders.

Veterans Mohan Chithale, Veerupaksappa, Subash Kedai, and others were present on the occasion.