by Capt Purshotam Sharma

(Lanka Kand, Ram Charit Manas)

‘Words of good counsel fall flat on you even as a medicine proves ineffectual for a man who is bound to die’, Prahasta uttered these bitter words to his father Ravana, counselling him not to transgress the bounds of propriety. Same propensity is severely haunting two dull-witted countries in our neighbourhood. It was in early sixties when India and China resolved to work together on the maxim ‘Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai’. It soon proved a fallacy when friend turned foe, deceitfully surprised and annoyed India by resorting to hostilities in 1962. Since then, scores of talks and agreements could not plug the breach of trust and evince confidence, for the light of wisdom would never dawn her (China) being gripped by greed to grab our territory here and there all along the 3500 km border. The whole world is well-aware of her ill-founded designs. Hostilities of 1962 brought an awakening to India to grid her lions, revamp and perfect to face the two countries in our neighbourhood possessed by devilish designs.

Our Defence Services Chiefs and Army Commanders at higher echelons had time and again been cautioning the successive Governments at the Centre of the impending threat to our safety and security by the two immediate neighbours suggesting to outmatch in men and weaponry at least two-fold in parity to be at ease and ready to teach a back-breaking lesson to the aggressor. However, this vital issue did not receive the attention it deserved perhaps due to resources crunch. Still we went in for some import of weaponry like 130 mm Russian guns and other military hardware which worked wonders during August-September, 1965 Indo-Pak conflict, a misdeed that heavily cost the aggressor who thrust the war. India captured hundreds of kilometres of Pak territory and converted the battlefield into ill fated Pattons Greaveyard. Our Tanks (Centurians of World War II vintage) reduced the Pattons into junk in fierce engagements with these newly inducted weaponry in enemy’s armoured corps regiments.

It was our beloved great War-Hero, Lal Bahadur Shastri, the then Prime Minister of India, who kept boosting the morale of the people in general and Armed forces in particular under whose fine leadership Indian Army camped at the outskirts of Lahore. His popular slogan “Jai Jawan Jai Kisan” was on the lips of every Indian. It was Lal Bahadur Shastri and the then Army Chief General J N Chowdhary, one of the best military leaders, who led the nation to great victory. Had that war prolonged for a couple of days, the enemy would have totally surrendered for it was awfully running out of ammunition.

India had to restore back the captured territory to Pakistan on negotiating table on 10th January, 1966, and that brought sorrows to every Indian soul on the sudden demise of Mr Lal Bahadur Shastri on that very night of 10/11 January, 1966, at Tashkent, Uzbekistan, after Tashkent Declaration, a peace agreement.

It was on 3rd of December, 1971, that is, after six years of humiliating defeat in September, 1965, that Pakistan again attacked India. This 14 days Indo-Pak war was led to big victory by dynamic leader Indira Gandhi, the then Prime Minister of India, and field Marshal FJ Manekshaw, one of the most distinguished military leader well known for his professionalism of high order coupled with sterling qualities of head and heart. He was popularly called ‘Sam Bahadur’ who endeared himself to the troops always in cheerful disposition.

This war virtually slashed the spine of the enemy, brought her shame, liberated East Pakistan from the brutality of West Pakistan and christened her Bangladesh.

Lieutenant General AAK Niazi, Army Commander of Pakistan’s Eastern Army Command was forced to make a historic surrender of 94,000 soldiers who fell Prisoners of War to the Indian Army and they were well treated during their capacity. Niazi in utter humiliation removed his badges of rank, belt and Revolver and handed over to Lieutenant General Jagjit Singh Arora, PVSM, his Indian counterpart, who was awarded Padma Bhushan also.

Haunted by hatred against peace loving India, Pakistan’s next wickedness was Kargil war 1999 initiated by her Military Dictator, a jaundiced General Parvez Musharraf, to avenge the humiliation and shame Pakistan had suffered at the hands of Indian Army in previous conflicts.

India was led to victory in July 1999 by Mr Atal Bihari Vajpayee and General Ved Parkash Malik, the then Prime Minister of India and Chief of the Army Staff respectively.

Our Armed forces are wonderful temples of solidarity where people of all faiths drawn from every nook and corner of the country worship, serve the mother India and perform heroic deeds they are called upon to. Bearing examplary character and whole-hearted devotion to duty, they live in perfect harmony and joy. Everyone possesses unflinching loyalty to carry out his task with cheerful determination. Moving ahead hand in hand in unity, our jawans are engaged in righteous war in which the antagonists are being made to lick the dust for the Truth Triumphs.’ Therefore, every engagement in battle is bound to bring us victory.

Matchless in strength, our stout warriors are symbols of heroism. They explicitly carry out the commandments of the Holy scriptures. These flowed from the lips of the Lord. He is the dearest devotee of the Lord who shows no sign of hesitation to fight a righteous war, eliminate the enemies, offer supreme sacrifice, if need be, thus avail of a privilege. Lord reveals that this is the way to achieve highest good.



(30/III, Srimad Bhagavadgita)

Casting all actions to Me, with they mind fixed on the indwelling ‘Atman’, and without any thought of fruit and the feeling of mine, cured of mental fever, Fight!”

Bhagwan makes absolutely clear-



(ATHARV KA 9, AAI, SU2, M 14)

‘O Mother Land! Inspired by our military might and firm resolve of the people, may the leader of our Bharat move everywhere fearlessly. If enemy intrudes in our territory and attempts to grab any portion of it, our leader should get it vacated and put to death all the men and leaders of men of the enemy. May we create such condition for that enemy as may cause to incur the displeasure of even its friendly countries. And her own people too, condemn such lowly acts. It is the supreme duty of all and of those in power to lay any sacrifice in the defence of our Motherland. Then and then only, we are your Worthy ‘RASHTRA PUTRA’.

People of elderly class like the author in mid-eighties were inclined to experience a paradigm shift in the growing generations. They felt as if the dawn of most sought after Golden Age had appeared. These growing generations are promising, pioneering and patriotic. They are maturing fast for a healthy growth of economy and goodness of mankind. They view the world as Lords Global family (Vasudev Kutumbkam’). But alas! insane leadership of countries like China and Pakistan are found averse to the good of humanity. These two countries are proving nuisance to the otherwise peaceful world.

Make them realize that the whole universe is Lord’s Global family (Vasudeva Kutumbkam) why should it be consigned to flames of destruction? Govern for the welfare of the people rather than spreading hatred among them and nations shed infatuation

Let there be universal unity (Brahmandiya Ekta’)

Let the dawn of Golden Age manifest

Do not cause cracks to world peace.

But work for peace in the name of God.