Jaisalmer: DRDO on Thursday conducted testing of indigenous multi barrel rocket launcher (MBRL) system developed Pinaka missile at Pokhran field firing range amid the present challenges from Pakistan and China.

This artillery rocket system hit and demolished the targets. Earlier, the guided system was not there in Pinaka and now it has been equipped with it. One more testing was done on Wednesday. For the first time advance navigation and control system has been put in Pinaka, with which the missile has become efficient to identify its target and hit it. in the trials, the rocket proved itself in both standards. With this, the firepower of Indian Army will increase. The weapon has a state-of-the-art guidance kit bolstered by an advanced navigation and control system. It is a major boost to Make In India, in which the rocket has been fully manufactured by a private company on which dependency of Ordinance Factory Board will not be any more and decision can be taken quickly.

Few officers of DRDO and artillery were present. According to reliable sources, the firepower is being strengthened looking to the present challenges that India is getting from China and Pakistan. At present, trials are being conducted to increase its range. Earlier, this missile could hit a target at a distance of 40-75km and now efforts are being made to increase its range to 120km. Pinaka missile on Thursday was fired from Pinaka launcher system. The indigenous Pinaka that has the capacity to fire 12 guided rockets in 44 seconds was tested at Pokhran firing range and testing was successful. Sources said six Pinaka trials were fired as part of final development trials. The rockets are manufactured by Economic Explosives Ltd. (EEL) and this is 1st munition of it kind made by the private sector in India. Earlier, these types of munitions are imported and manufactured by the public sector with repeated complaints of failure by the armed forces. Now as a part of make in India drive and push for the private sector in defence manufacturing, this is going to be a game changer. An order of 2 additional Pinaka regiments has been under process since 2017, which will be made by L&T and TATA Aerospace and Defence for an estimated Rs 4,500 Crore.

Sources said that in Thursday’s testing Pinaka rocket according to its prescribed standard hit and demolished the target. Complete watch was kept on the rocket through telemetry system. The route, speed and turn were tested and it proved as per its standards.