General Dynamics Land Systems Stryker family of eight-wheeled armoured fighting vehicles

The Indian Army is reportedly planning to acquire new armoured infantry combat vehicles for its troops

It aims to enhance the safety and protection of its soldiers when performing missions in high-altitude terrains such as eastern Ladakh as it provides the capability for rapid movement of troops.

The plan comes at a time when the country and China are in ongoing border tensions.

An undisclosed defence source told ANI, TATA Wheeled Armoured Protection (WhAP), American Stryker Infantry Combat Vehicle and Humvee High-Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle are being considered for the purchase.

It is expected that preference would be given to the indigenous TATA vehicle over the foreign platforms.

However, the final decision is currently under evaluation and will be based on meeting the army’s mission requirements.

TATA along with Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) laboratory has developed and conducted several trials with the vehicle even in high altitudes.

The Strykers and Humvee vehicles are capable of being transported by C-130J transport aircraft and the C-17 aircraft.

These aircraft are also in service with the Indian Air Force.

The Indian Army has in service a number of Russian-made BMP infantry combat vehicles.

Named Bharat, the high-altitude drone has been developed by DRDO’s Terminal Ballistics Research Laboratory in Chandigarh.