New Delhi: The Indian Army had banned its personnel from using 89 social media applications over alleged attempts at online targeting by intelligence agencies from Pakistan and China. The order was challenged by a serving army officer, terming it as draconian.

The High Court of Delhi on Thursday dismissed a petition challenging the ban on army personnel using social media. The court said the scope of judicial review over matters concerning defence and security was limited.

The Court in its judgement said modern-day warfare was not just limited to accession of territory, but also extends to influencing economy and political stability of the enemy country by inciting civil unrest and influencing the political will of citizens.

“In such a scenario, if the government, after complete assessment, has concluded that permitting the use of certain social networking websites by personnel of its defence forces is enabling the enemy countries to gain an edge, the Courts would be loath to interfere", reads the judgement.

The ban by the army on its 1.3 million soldiers follows a similar decision by the Indian Navy, which banned the use of Facebook by its personnel and prohibited the carrying of mobile phones in dockyards and on naval ships.