NAG Missile Carrier NAMICA boosts Indian Army muscle

As India faces challenges from 'LoC to LAC', Indian Army is preparing to give a befitting reply to any misadventures carried out by neighbouring countries. Defence Minister Rajnath Singh launched NAG Missile Carrier (NAMICA) on August 14. It may be fitting that India sought to boost its firepower on the Independence Day of Pakistan. 

NAMICA has been made by Ordnance Factory in collaboration with Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO). The entire project costs about Rs 3 thousand crore.

NAMICA can fire missiles at a target located 7.5 kilometres away. The missiles carrier can be manned by 4 Jawans of the Indian Army. NAMICA has hunter-killer capability.

Another feature of NAMICA is that its equally effective at night as it is during the day. The missile carrier has amphibious capability. This boosts its manoeuvrability greatly.

While NAMICA will be manned by 4 army men, the commander of the group will be provided with independent panoramic sight which will help him for surveillance. The vehicle is equipped with Land Navigation System (LNS) as well. 

Apart from this, NAMICA has silent watch capability which can come handy in both, night and day.