In a major success against the nefarious designs of Pakistan’s ISI, a person from Gorakhpur was rescued from a trap of Karachi based agents of ISI

In a major success against the nefarious designs of Pakistan’s ISI, a person from Gorakhpur was rescued from a trap of Karachi based agents of ISI. This unearthed the nefarious modus operandi of ISI operatives to lure poor or lower-middle-class Muslim families visiting their relatives in various cities of Pakistan. Earlier same incident happened with Mohammed Rashid who was arrested in a joint operation of MI and UP ATS in February 2020 and the case is being investigated by NIA.

“In June, Lucknow based Military Intelligence (MI) unit received an intel regarding suspicious activities of a Gorakhpur based mobile number from their counterpart in J&K. The operation was 'Op Gorakhdhanda'. After sufficiently developing the case as per a plan the suspect, Mohammed Arif was confronted by a team of UP ATS on Friday. 51-year-old Mohammed Arif has multiple relatives in Karachi, Pakistan and has visited Pakistan four times; in 2014, 2016, 2017 and lastly in December 2018 for various social needs,” Official said.

He further added, “During his last visit to Karachi, two Pakistan officials using names of Fahad and Rana Aqeel paid a visit to his sister's house and around 10 days before Arif's return to India, Fahad and Rana Aqeel took him to a lodge/ safe-house kind of place and offered him services of a young and good-looking sex-worker. Arif eagerly accepted the offer and his acts are being captured by multiple hidden cameras”.

“After his return, ISI agent Fahad asked him to send photos of Gorakhpur Air Force Station, which Arif declined, knowing the repercussions involved. Then the ISI agents sent Arif photos and video clips of him and the sex-worker he had taken service of, on that fateful night of February, at the shady Karachi lodge. They blackmailed Arif to work for them or they would make a CD containing the recordings reach his sister Zarina. Arif reluctantly agreed and helped them in activating an Indian WhatsApp account by sharing the account creation OTP of the same. Apart from this Arif revealed to have sent photos of Gorakhpur Railway Station and main gates of Indian Air Force Station and Kundra Ghat Military Station. He had received a payment of Rs 5000/- from the two for the same,” he said.

Investigation revealed that Arif was asked by the two ISI agents to introduce some soldier/security-forces personnel or anyone having access to such an establishment to them. Arif found it difficult to meet their demand and started avoiding them and he stopped using the internet.

“Keeping in mind his age, family background, the findings and absence of credible evidence to convince any court, it was decided that Mohammed Arif be left to go home after suitable counselling and warning. This is a typical soft-neutralisation of an asset under cultivation by ISI,” Official added.