Our bombs can hit India without harming Muslims says this maverick minister of Pakistan

Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad, the ‘creative’ Railway Minister of Pakistan, who had once blamed breakfast made of eggs as the reason for the train disaster in Lahore, has once again boasted about his country having “very small, calculated and perfect bombs to target India all the way up to Assam, but in a way that Muslims are not harmed.”

In an interview to a television channel, Sheikh Rasheed admitted that the Indian Army is far superior to the Pakistan Army in conventional warfare. Therefore, Pakistan is working on these miniaturised nuclear weapons. He said that their bombs are so perfect and precise that they can hit places as far as Assam, but they will not harm Muslims as those small bombs will avoid Muslim dominated places.

Muslims In India Pray For Pakistan’s Prosperity, Pakistan Minister Exults Attack Orchestrated By Islamists

The Pakistani minister exults the recent attacks in India’s Jamia Milia, Shaheen Bagh, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh and Bengaluru orchestrated by Islamists. He said that the Muslims had achieved tremendous results out of these riots. The minister said that Muslims do not forget their ‘insult’ and sooner or later they seek revenge. He mentioned how three Muslims youths came out in the open and set police stations on fire in Bangalore. He furthers that soon thousands of Muslims hit the streets and rioted across the city, all this to revenge the insult of Prophet Muhammad.

The minister also added that the Muslims in India are always praying for the prosperity of Pakistan.

During the course of the interview, the Pakistan Minister reiterated that if India at all attacks Pakistan, then this would be the last and an extremely lethal and bloody war, where Pakistan would not fight it the conventional way.

This is, however, not the first time, Pakistan’s railway minister has, in a headless rant, ‘threatened’ India with a nuke war. Almost losing his mental balance after India decided to repeal Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir, he had given away his country’s ‘highly-classified’ secret by disclosing that Pakistan has 125-150 gram ‘smart bombs’, which may hit and destroy a targeted area in India. Expressing his war-mongering fantasy, despite having no strength to fight one, Rasheed Ahmad ‘threatened’ India of war by stating that his country is all prepared to fight against India.

Rasheed Ahmad, who seems to be still struggling to gather his thoughts after an electric shock, has once again gone into the same trance.