The Chinese script reads that anyone trying to break quarantine will be thrashed brutally

There is no word on whether the patients in Urumqi suffering from COVID-19 have been given any treatment or not. The brutal shutdown has caused misery to the already suppressed people of Xinjiang.

The Chinese script reads that anyone trying to break quarantine will be thrashed brutally. China's clampdown on Xinjiang is well known across the world. Now the crackdown includes denial of treatment for COVID-19 infections. This Muslim majority region of ethnic Uighurs has been under brutal suppression of the Xi Jinping-led CCP regime.

The locality has been put under volunteer watch and anyone seeking to go to the market is stopped

Popular Chinese dissident Youtuber Jennifer Zeng, the Chinese authorities have put a number of COVID-19 affected residents of Xinjiang province under brutal lockdown without access to amenities or the freedom to move about. 

"After another confirmed case of the Chinese Communist Party virus (Wuhan pneumonia) in Urumqi, Xinjiang, on July 15, the authorities immediately shut down the city and communities. Subsequently, the blockade measures were extended to other cities in Xinjiang. More than a month of "closed management" made local residents miserable," says a report in the Epoch Times.

Zeng has tweeted images of localities that are purportedly from Urumqi in Xinjiang - the Uyghur Muslim majority region - with Chinese script warning that warns the residents that if they dare to move out of the sealed home, they will be thrashed till their bones are broken.
Quoting Jennifer Zeng

"We'll break your legs if you dare to go out; we'll knock out your teeth if you dare to talk back." "If you don't try to escape, you can enjoy the peace and wonderful times." Banner & seal tape in #Xinjiang, where people are under strictest lockdown for over a month due to #CCPVirus

Zeng refuses to call it COVID-19 and still calls it #CCPVirus or #WuhanPneumonia.

Weng was at the forefront of publishing undercover videos of Chinese whistle-blowers who had exposed Beijing's denial of how huge a health crisis the coronavirus contagion was since early January till almost end of March. Many of those videos were shocking and the whistle-blowers were allegedly taken into custody by the Chinese authorities who have zero margins for Freedom of Expression under Xi Jinping's iron-handed CCP.

A report in the Epoch Times confirms Zeng's claims:

Zeng has posted a link to a Chinese language website named Epoch Times that carries a report on Chinese clampdown on Xinjiang.

Translated, it reads as follows:

"On August 26, a woman in Urumqi, who did not want to be named, disclosed to the Epoch Times reporter that Urumqi was a city that was closed on the night of July 16. She still refuses to go out and has sealed all the doors of residents. Today, some communities have been unblocked, and people in the community can go downstairs, but it is still very difficult to get out of the community and it is necessary to issue a pass.

"But our community has not been unblocked yet." She said, "This time the closure is so long, many people can't stand it. Some people shouted, and they caught it when they shouted. The control was very strict. Anyone who opened the door would be caught. ."

She said: "The police came to the old man to scold the old man. This is not the point. Just two days ago, someone opened the door and the person was taken away. The common people are compliant, timid and afraid to choose. thing."

Since July 16, citizens of Urumqi have been required to stay at home or quarantine together, and are prohibited from going out. Information, photos, and videos circulating on the Internet show that some households’ gates are covered with seals or sealed with stones or nails, and some communities have even arranged for official personnel to be stationed.

Local residents generally believe that the Chinese Communist Party used the epidemic as an excuse to further strengthen its control on Xinjiang people."