China started it but it is on the backfoot now. It is stuck in its forward position at the border. Unable to move forward, China has now resorted to fake news to justify its adventurism.

A video has been going viral in China. It allegedly shows Chinese troops fighting the Indian soldiers. It is a fake video.

According to one claim, Chinese authorities leaked the clip to paint India as an "aggressor". It's yet another effort by the Chinese state to distract, to shift focus away from the crimes of its own military forces.

The video that has gone viral allegedly shows Chinese soldiers fighting with Indian soldiers with their hands and fists.

It was released this week after the most recent border standoff. It's spreading like a wildfire online. But when was it shot? Is it even linked to Ladakh standoff?

It is an old video. But why has China leaked it now? It is just to project India as an "aggressor" and Chinese soldiers as "victims".

The truth is quite to the contrary. A new report details insider accounts from the PLA. It shows the Chinese Army is quite the opposite of being a "victim".

Bitter winter, a website run by an American NGO interviewed a veteran Chinese soldier. He describes in chilling detail how Chinese soldiers are deployed to execute the state's agenda of oppression.

There are multiple stories. In it was how more than 100 Muslims were executed by the PLA. Drones were used to spot Uighur Muslims and soldiers opened fire on innocents with their Chinese assault rifles.

The Chinese soldiers whose name remains hidden describes the circumstances that led to this operation. It was supposed to be a military exercise but the soldiers were asked to kill Chinese citizens. The veteran says that it was a nightmare that he wants to forget.

In another story, a soldier from the eastern province of Shandong was allegedly sent to Tibet to suppress monks in 2011. The orders were clear: surround the area where the monks were hiding and shoot. He says, those who killed the most monks were awarded prizes.

The soldiers had no choice. There were threatened with punishment if they refused to go.

The 2008 Earthquake:

Sichuan was struck by a massive earthquake. The PLA was called in. The rescue mission had a deadly strategy. The soldiers were told not to rescue minors and seniors because the Chinese state felt that they would be a burden for the government.

Here is how the veteran describes the events of 2008.

"Only people between 18 and 40 were to be rescued. We didn't even check if people who lay still were dead or alive. We just piled them on trucks. Even those who were alive stopped breathing under the weight of so many bodies."

These are just three stories. But they sum up how Beijing uses its army as a killing machine, often on its own people.