First Secretary at Permanent Mission of India in Geneva, Pawan Badhe

India has slammed Pakistan, Turkey and Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) at United Nation's Human rights council after they raked Kashmir at the Geneva-based body

First Secretary at Permanent Mission of India in Geneva, Pawan Badhe said, India doesn't need "unsolicited lecture on human rights from a country that has consistently persecuted its ethnic and religious minorities" and "is an epicentre of terrorism..(with) the distinction of providing pensions to individuals on UN Sanctions list and has a Prime Minister who proudly admits training tens of thousands of terrorists to fight in Jammu and Kashmir."

Highlighting how, "mass influx of outsiders has whittled down the number of Kashmiris to an insignificant number in Pakistan", Pavan in India's right of reply highlighted how, "Thousands of Sikh, Hindus and Christian minority women and girls have been subjected to abductions, forced marriages and conversions in Pakistan.'

Pakistan has been raking Kashmir at various international forums, and last year saw Pakistani foreign minister, SM Qureshi, in the backdrop of revocation of special status to the erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir, visiting Geneva himself but got no traction.

On OIC, the Indian diplomat said, it has "no locus standi to comment on internal affairs of India" and the grouping of Islamic countries has "allowed itself to be misused by Pakistan to subverse its own agenda", suggesting, "It’s for the members of the to decide if it is in their interests to allow Pakistan to do so."

On Turkey, Pavan said, can "only advise Turkey to refrain from commenting on the internal affairs of India and develop a better understanding of the democratic practices."

Turkey in the last few years has grown closer to Pakistan and has been raking Kashmir at international forums like UN. The country's closeness to Islamabad, many attribute to a possible transfer of nuclear know-how.