China defence minister Wei Fenghe had held a meeting with India's defence minister Rajnath Singh at the joint meeting of the ministers of defence at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization(SCO) in Moscow on Friday

China's ministry of defence said today that responsibility of the current tension "lies entirely with India" along the Line of Actual Control (LAC).

"The cause and truth of the current tension on the border between China and India are very clear and the responsibility lies entirely with India," Wei Fenghe, State Councillor and minister of defence, said.

Fenghe has been participating in the joint meeting of ministers of defence at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) in Moscow. Fenghe had held a meeting with India's defence minister Rajnath Singh on Friday.

Meanwhile, India's defence ministry said that "the actions of the Chinese troops, including amassing of a large number of troops and their aggressive behaviour including attempts to unilaterally alter the status quo was in violation of the bilateral agreements."

The defence ministry said that India "categorically" conveyed to the Chinese side the country's position on developments along the LAC in the last few months including the Galwan Valley in the western sector of the India-China border.

However, Fenghe said both sides should "earnestly implement the important consensus reached by Jinping and PM Modi" and insist on solving problems through "dialogue and consultation".

"China's territory cannot be lost, and the Chinese military is fully determined, capable and confident to safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity," China's defence minister said.

"It is hoped the Indian side will strictly abide by the series of agreements reached by the two sides and refrain from provocation in the current Line of Actual Control," he said.

"Refraining from any actions that may cause the situation to heat up and refraining from deliberately hyping and spreading negative information," the Chinese defence minister said.

Fenghe said the two sides should "focus on the overall situation of Sino-Indian relations and regional peace and stability" and "work together and meet each other halfway".