China cannot be trusted. Look at what the Global Times, the mouthpiece of the Chinese government, has been saying

India's defence minister Rajnath Singh met his Chinese counterpart on Friday in Moscow on the sidelines of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation or the SCO meet.

China's defence minister General Wei Fenghe had requested for a meeting with Rajnath Singh.

What transpired in the Rajnath-Fenghe meet is still not known, but it is expected to ease the situation at the line of actual control (LAC) in eastern Ladakh.

But what does China do while representatives talk?

China cannot be trusted. Look at what the Global Times, the mouthpiece of the Chinese government, has been saying.

It has been publishing a lot of pieces on the border faceoff.

China's most belligerent tabloid is hurling insults and sabre rattling.

Consider these headlines --

"New Delhi goes astry inciting border tensions"

It says India has dumped the negotiations path, blaming Indian soliders for the recent face-offs.

This one came out on Friday -- "Exiled Tibetans in India's special force are only cannon fodder"

The piece talks about the special frontier force of the Indian defence forces. It refers to a claim that India lost a soldier during its pre-emptive actions.

This is a false claim that even China has denied. But Global Times will write anything to suit its narrative.

Here is another piece: India underrates China's will to defend every inch of territory.

It says that Indian decision makers have underestimated China.

This tabloid quotes nameless faceless experts to make its points.

On the contrary, India's Foreign Secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringla has called India China situation "unprecedented" and " one of the most serious challenges" in recent years. He also asserted that India remains firmly committed to preserving its territorial integrity and sovereignty, and will not yield on that ground.

Shringla also said it was important that even during these difficult moments of this "crisis" India has been communicating and engaging with China.

"This is one of the most serious challenges facing us in recent years with casualties on this border after over 40 years. It is an unprecedented situation. We have never had this kind of situation since 1962. We have lost for the first time, the lives of soldiers," he said at an Indian Council of World Affairs (ICWA) webinar.

This clearly implies India is engaging with China but from a position of strength. India is said to have taken strategic heights and vantage points in Ladakh.

Reports say the Indian Navy has deployed one of its frontline warships in the South China Sea. It is in constant contact with American Navy vessels.