India's External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar is likely to meet his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi in Moscow

India's External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar is likely to meet his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi in Moscow, and the border situation between both the countries hasn’t improved.

Earlier today, India and China held another round of military level talks. But there was no progress. The Indian side has spotted a build-up of Chinese troops in the Chushul sector at the Line of Actual Control. According to satellite images, the standoff area is close to these two sites - Rechin La and Rezang La.

Indian troops have set up camps close to these two areas and are positioned on the hills, from where they can monitor the ground and quickly detect any Chinese advances.

However, Chinese soldiers have attempted four incursions in the recent weeks, only to be stopped by the Indian soldiers. The People’s Liberation Army has only one option - to retreat and de-escalate, as opposed to what the Chinese media is saying.

China’s mouthpiece Global Times today said that the PLA is increasing its deployment. This build up includes: forces, bombers, air defence troops, artillery, armoured vehicles, paratroopers, special forces and even infantry units.

According to s report, they are being pulled in from different parts of China. If true, it would mean that China is planning a major military provocation. The report also adds that Chinese side is conducting long-distance manoeuvres, deployment exercises and live fire drills.

Starting June this year, Chinese media's reportage on India has changed tremendously. After the clashes in Galwan, the Chinese media was largely silent, probably because China did not reveal its casualties. It still hasn't acknowledged any casualties from that escalation, but accounts suggest that it suffered more than India.

A few months back, experts said this may be China's way of negotiating without losing face. But that no longer appears to be true. The stories from China are becoming increasingly more provocative. The Global Times has practically declared a war with India.

A lot depends on how things go in Moscow. Where the foreign ministers of the SCO, the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation are gathering. India's External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar reached last night, and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi is there too.

They are expected to participate in common engagements, with reports of a possible meeting on the side lines. But there is no confirmation of engagement yet.