Trump's doctor White House physician Sean Conley said that he was doing 'very well' in hospital after the US president was detected with coronavirus on Friday

The President is not in any support system, Conley asserted while adding, "the president has been fever free for over 24 hours."

Trump was admitted at Walter Reed National Military Medical Centre on Saturday as a precaution after the White House announced on Friday that both he and the First Lady Melania Trump had contracted the virus.

President Trump's oxygen saturation level is at 96 per cent, Dr Conley said while informing that the US president wasn't receiving any extra oxygen and wasn't experiencing any breathing problem.

"He had a cough, fever and felt run down," Conley added. Trump's doctor said that all indications are "he will remain off of oxygen going forward."

"We are monitoring him closely for any complication-his cardiac function, liver and kidney are functioning well. He is walking around, is in good spirit," Trump's physician said.