A real-time battle scenario was demonstrated to the Indian Navy chief at the Karwar naval base in the Arabian Sea

Indian Navy chief Admiral Karambir Singh inspected firing weapons, air-to-air combat operations, anti-submarine drills and fleet manoeuvres on Thursday. As part of a complete review of the navy's operational preparedness, Admiral Karambir Singh also embarked on the aircraft carrier Vikramaditya.

Navy chief Admiral Karambir Singh also embarked on the Carrier Battle Group, comprising Vikramaditya, destroyers, frigates, corvettes, fleet support ships and integral swing-role fighters and helicopters.

Addressing combatants of the Carrier Battle Group over broadcast from Vikramaditya, Admiral Karambir Singh complimented them for continuously maintaining peak combat-readiness and high tempo of operations over the last few months despite Covid-related challenges.

Navy has remained mission-deployed and combat-ready across the Indian Ocean Region, even through rough seas during the monsoon period, towards maintaining the maritime security of the nation, the Indian Navy said in a statement.

The Indian Navy's anti-submarine warfare was further augmented with the induction of INS Kavaratti on Thursday.

Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Karambir Singh arrived at Karwar Naval Base where he interacted with personnel and discussed key issues such as repairs, maintenance, spares support and op-logistics for afloat units to sharpen their war-fighting capabilities. He was accompanied by Commander-in-Chief Western Naval Command, Flag Officer Vice Admiral Ajit Kumar.

Admiral Singh also reiterated aspects of cyber-security, force protection against terrorist attacks, and asymmetric warfare while exhorting all personnel to maintain the highest level of alertness.

On Thursday, CNS Admiral Karambir Singh was also given an operational readiness briefing regarding the indigenous guided-missile destroyer by the Fleet Commander in Chennai. He then embarked on fleet support ship Deepak and interacted with the crew before making his way to aircraft carrier Vikramaditya.

It was on aircraft carrier Vikramaditya where Admiral Singh witnessed the Carrier Battle Group's capabilities for integral fleet air defence and strike.

"Giving an overview of the prevailing security situation, he stated that the Navy would continue maintaining a high-tempo of operations in the coming months. He also complimented the Carrier Battle Group and its combatants for accurate and effective weapon firings, which left no doubt about the Navy's readiness to meet any emergent contingencies," a statement by the Indian Navy read.

The statement went on to add, "CNS highlighted that tri-service synergy and coordination has peaked with the establishment of the Department of Military Affairs as was visibly demonstrated in the joint response of the three Services to recent events."

Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Karambir Singh also advised continued compliance of protocols by naval personnel and their families, in regard to the Covid-19 pandemic.