India has issued an area warning notification for firing by Indian Navy warships in the Arabian Sea between 28 and 30 October. Another notification has been issued for a known air to air firing range and a target towing range in the Bay of Bengal for a window starting 27 October and ending 10 November.

A notice to airmen and marines is issued by countries when they intend to test weapons. These warnings notify “closure areas” because of a hazard due to weapons testing to navigation or aircraft in flight.

The Arabin Sea notification, issued for an area near Goa and parts of Maharashtra and Karnataka, covers an area of 25,220 square nautical miles. The Bay of Bengal notification covers two separate areas near Odisha.

This development comes just days after India tested BrahMos supersonic cruise missile from INS Chennai, an indigenously built stealth warship of the Indian Navy. The missile was tested in the Arabian Sea on 18 October.

Over the last six weeks, India has conducted at least 12 missile tests.

These tests, coming at a time when tensions in Ladakh are worsening, may have been aimed at China, experts have said.

The missiles tested by India include the nuclear-capable Prithvi-II (tested twice), BrahMos cruise missile (tested twice), an anti-tank guided missile (tested twice) and a Hypersonic Technology Demonstrator Vehicle.

Supersonic Missile Assisted Release of Torpedo (a new long-range anti-submarine warfare system), a New Generation Anti-Radiation Missile, a Standoff Anti-Tank Missile and Nirbhay cruise missile have also been test-fired.