Ganderbal: Kashmiri Apples, considered as one of the delicious fruit is ready to hit the markets and growers are expecting good returns over it in Kashmir. With the help of apt climatic conditions and efforts of the horticulture department, apple growers of the valley are full of joy.

"The taste of Kashmiri apples is unlike any other. Our valley is blessed with the best quality of apples which is sold throughout the year in various parts of the country. We're happy with the harvest," Ali Mohamad, an apple grower, told ANI.

"October-November are busy months with respect to apple harvesting. With God's grace, apples are of the finest quality. They will yield a good market rate for us now," Basit, another apple grower, said.

Some districts of the valley including Shopian, Baramulla, Anantnag, and Ganderbal are very famous for apple crops and these days the harvesting process is at peak and growers have already sent early varieties outside the state and local markets of the valley.

But few varieties of delicious apples including American, Maharaji, and Chamboora are still in orchards and growers are busy with the harvesting and packing of the crop.

For the last few years, scientists of the horticulture department have introduced new varieties of apple trees that give quality apple crops within a short duration. Experts also introduced and recommended some fertilizers and sprays that help farmers to produce crops with the best quality.

Apple is the main fruit crop that generates employment at a large scale in the valley.

"Pesticide dealers, transporter owners, drivers, farmers, fruit sellers on the footpath, etc. have been provided employment because of apple harvesting in the state," Manzoor Ahmad, Deputy Director Horticulture Central, told ANI.

"This year the harvest is of great quality and in large numbers. It will benefit the whole state's economy," he added.