In a shocking revelation CCP expert, Prof Jin Canrong, Dean of the School of International Studies, #Renmin University of #China, revealed on Nov 11,  in a TV program that the PLA used directed-energy weapon (Microwave Weapons) to attack Indian soldiers at #Pangong Lake area.

This is what this Professor said at the video conference. "As we have positions on both sides of the Pangong lake, on the South shore is a connecting position, if they (the Indian Soldiers) take it over, the two sides will be isolated. So it was a dangerous situation for the PLA. So there was a lot of pressure on the Western Theatre Command at the time. These hills were important. Out of carelessness by the PLA, they were taken over by the Indian army. So, they were ordered to take them back in whatsoever possible. Then there was another order that no shots should be fired. Later, the PLA came up with a wonderful idea and found a solution, they proposed to use microwave weapons. They emitted microwaves from the bottom of the mountain turning them into an oven. After 15 minutes, all the Indian soldiers up there started throwing up, they couldn't stand up and they all ran away. Thus we took the hills back."

It's physically not possible because the Chinese would have need a huge amount of power source and a huge enough instrument to direct these so called energy waves which isn't possible at this heights, besides such a huge infrastructure setup could not have evaded the spy satellites of both India and the rest of the word..

Here is the tweet that triggered this controversy, which suffice to say is the rant of of CCP mole to disrupt the narrative as the PLA needs a face saver to exit from the blunder they made in LAC as they can't handle