On Tuesday, India test-fired a ground attack version of the world's fastest BrahMos supersonic cruise missile from the Andaman and Nicobar Islands region amid tensions with Pakistan and China. India will conduct several live tests of the supersonic cruise missile BrahMos this week, which has been started from today. India led the first test of the land-attack version of the BrahMos missile near the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. For this, a target was set on another island whose missile was successfully targeted. The 800 km range BrahMos will be tested in mid-2021.

Many 'Live Missile Tests' To Be Held This Week

This week, the Army, Navy, and the Indian Air Force will carry out several operational firings with a 290 km range BrahMos missile in the Indian Ocean region, demonstrating its precision-strike capabilities in an ongoing military confrontation with China in eastern Ladakh. It is a non-nuclear missile used in the 'Live Missile Test.' The match flies at a speed of 2.8, almost three times the speed of sound. Today, in the first test, a warning has been issued for aircraft and ships in the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal. The missile can hit with accuracy Under the tension with China's border, these tests will try to show how accurately the missile can hit the target. These tests are to be carried out when the BrahMos land-attack missile is already deployed against China in Ladakh and Arunachal Pradesh. Tanks, howitzers, surface-to-air missiles, and other weapons have also been deployed. Similarly, some Sukhoi-30 MKI fighter aircraft equipped with BrahMos missiles are also stationed in airbases close to the Line of Actual Control.

800 km Range of BrahMos Tested In Mid-2021

India and Russia together have developed the supersonic cruise medium-range missile BrahMos. BrahMos Mach 3.5, one of the most dangerous missiles of the 21st century, can fly at a maximum speed of 4,300 kilometres per hour. This missile, operating on Agni's principle, has a conventional warhead carrying capacity of up to 200 kg. First, 300 km DRMO has increased its firepower by making indigenous boosters under the PJ-10 project. 400 km The BrahMos supersonic cruise missile, which had a range of over 100 km, was successfully tested on 30 September. This was the second test of the extended range version of the BrahMos supersonic missile. Another version is being tested, which can hit the target in the 800 km range. 800 km The range's BrahMos will be tested in mid-2021.

Air, Water, Land ... Can Fire From Anywhere

The BrahMos supersonic cruise missile can be launched from a submarine, a ship of water, an aircraft, or even the ground. This missile can be launched from a depth of 40 to 50 meters in water. Russia's NPO Machinostroyenia and India's Defence Research and Development Organization have jointly developed it. It is based on the technology of Russia's P-800 Onkis cruise missile. Marine and land versions of BrahMos have already been successfully tested and handed over to the Indian Army and Navy. BrahMos is the most modern missile system ever developed by India and Russia and has made India a missile technology leader.