Afghanistan in the past has also raised concerns over Pakistan hosting insurgent and terror groups

Afghanistan has strongly objected to Pakistan providing safe haven to the Taliban with new evidence emerging on how the group has itself openly acknowledged its presence in the country

Afghan foreign ministry in a strongly worded statement said, "The overt presence and activities of Afghan insurgent elements and their leaders in Pakistani territory clearly violate Afghanistan's national sovereignty and continue to cause crisis and instability in the region" which poses a "serious challenge to achieving sustainable peace in Afghanistan."

Kabil called on the "Pakistani government not to allow its territory to be used by insurgents and elements who insist on continuing the war and bloodshed".

Earlier this month, the top Taliban delegation was in Pakistan for talks with Pakistani foreign minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi and PM Imran Khan but what came as a shocker was videos of them visiting followers and extending support to them.

Terming the development regretful and concerning, the Afghan ministry pointed out the videos in which "Taliban appeared among their followers, disclosing the existence of all Taliban leaders in Pakistan and acknowledging their continued activities in Pakistani territory."

The videos, which went viral showed Taliban Abdul Ghani Baradar engaging with followers in Karachi and confessing to the group's leadership in the country.

The Afghan statement highlighted that Kabul "considers the closure of insurgent and terrorist sanctuaries and the cessation of their activities vital for the peaceful resolution of the Afghan crisis and ensuring regional peace and stability" and called for "continuation of sincere cooperation and genuine fight against terrorism and common threats."

It is not the first time, the Taliban has been to Pakistan on an official visit for the talks. While the Taliban has been having talks with other countries like Iran, China, a visit to Pakistan has been with much fanfare with videos been released of a warm welcome.

Afghanistan in the past has also raised concerns over Pakistan hosting insurgent and terror groups. In fact, along with Kabul, Tehran and Delhi have multiple times raised concerns over safe haven to terror groups but Islamabad has yet to take action.