KOLKATA: A 45-year-old illegal woman immigrant from Bangladesh was killed and a BSF trooper injured after a skirmish between the force and a group of infiltrators along the Indo-Bangladesh border in Pakhuira, Nadia, on Monday, reports Jayanta Gupta. The infiltrators were attempting to cross border into Bangladesh when BSF’s 8Bn challenged them. “There are two roads from Pakhuira towards border fence. They were trying to breach it while others attacked our troops,” a BSF official said.

Outnumbered, the BSF party first fired a warning shot that failed to deter the mob which then tried to encircle the personnel. Constable Samir Ghosh was hit on the head with a stone and collapsed. BSF then fired two more rounds aiming below the criminals’ knees to minimise damage, following which the infiltrators fled.

Sahrun Halder of Morelganj village in Bangladesh’s Khulna was probably on her knees trying to breach the fence when she was hit by one of the bullets. She was rushed to Bagula rural hospital and then to Krishnanagar but could not be saved.