'They've happened because the other party has not abided by agreements that we've had with them about respecting & observing Line of Actual Control & not bringing forces to LAC'. 'China has given India five differing explanations for its actions'

New Delhi: Calling events of this year along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) very disturbing, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar said tensions with China happened because the latter has not abided by agreements.

“Events of this year have been very disturbing; they've raised some very basic concerns. They've happened because the other party has not abided by agreements that we've had with them about respecting and observing LAC and not bringing forces to LAC,” said the EAM.

This statement from the EAM comes after India on Friday blamed China for the military standoff in eastern Ladakh, calling it a result of the actions by the neighbouring country to effect a “unilateral change” in the status along the LAC.

'Events of This Year Have Been Very Disturbing'

This reaction from MEA Spokesperson Anurag Srivastava came a day after the Chinese foreign ministry blamed India for the border situation in eastern Ladakh.

Responding to China’s comments that it “strictly” observes the bilateral agreements and is committed to resolving the border issue through dialogue, Srivastava said New Delhi expects Beijing to match its words with actions.

“Our position has been very clear and has been articulated several times in the past. The situation that we have seen since the last six months has been a result of the actions of the Chinese side which has sought to effect a unilateral change in status along the LAC in eastern Ladakh,” said Srivastava during the weekly media briefing.

'India-China Ties Very Significantly Damaged'

Jaishankar had earlier said that India-China bilateral ties have been “very significantly damaged” after Beijing violated various border pacts and gave New Delhi “five differing explanations” for its actions.

The armies of India and China are locked in a tense border standoff in eastern Ladakh since early May.

The dragon and the elephant have held multiple rounds of military and diplomatic talks, however, no breakthrough has been achieved yet.