NEW DELHI: The Navy has ordered a limited number of Israeli 'Smash-2000 Plus' computerised fire control and electro-optic sight systems that can be mounted on guns and rifles to tackle the threat from small hostile drones in both day and night conditions.

The deliveries of the anti-drone Smash-2000 sights, which integrate target acquisition and tracking algorithms with image-processing software, will take place early next year.

“Such sights, with each costing less than Rs 10 lakh, can be mounted on rifles to track and shoot down small and fast-moving incoming drones with very high kill probability at ranges up to 120 meters. The project will be executed by an Indian firm in collaboration with Israeli original equipment manufacturer Smart Shooter,” said a source on Tuesday.

Small drones have emerged as a major military threat in recent years, especially when they work together as a swarm. Drone swarms can be deployed to overwhelm and destroy the air defences of an adversary.

Apart from ongoing indigenous efforts, India is also set to work with the US in developing air-launched small aerial systems or drone swarms as well as anti-drone technologies called “counter-UAS rocket, artillery and mortar systems” under the bilateral Defence Technology and Trade Initiative (DTTI), as was reported by TOI earlier.