BANGALORE: The US National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence has proposed a US-India strategic technology alliance for developing a technology strategy and research on emerging technologies in the field of defence, security, said Eric Schmidt, chairman of the commission.

He was virtually addressing the Inspired India, annual general meeting of Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI).

Schmidt said the US and India have room to grow and ‘it is imperative that these nations work together to address these geopolitical challenges and rapid advances in AI and emerging technologies.

“Our AI commission has recently proposed a formal US-India strategic technology alliance, literally a formal activity of the US government to develop a regional tech strategy and collaborate on joint research and development projects, talent exchanges, ...using AI to address common societal concerns,” said Schmidt, adding that ‘the commission sees the tech alliance is a critical step in the strategic focus of US policy in the Indo-Pacific region around emerging technologies with India as its focal point’.

The technology alliance would build on the already strong relationships between the two largest democracies, he added.

He said the commission has also suggested the US Department of State to partner with the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India to hold an inaugural high level meeting to decide on a “concrete agenda”.

The two nations would focus on using AI for cooperation on defence and security issues.

He also emphasised on the fact that AI should be used in the right ways. “I feel an urgency to get AI right. My sense of urgency is amplified because of (the) broader economic and strategic developments, you cannot ignore these trends in the international landscape. US’s competitors see power in AI in similar terms and they are using it for different reasons and different means. China is rapidly becoming an AI peer in many areas,” Schmidt said.