The 112 year old Walchandnagar Industries Limited, after contributing to all ISRO programs for almost over 5 decades from SLV-3, ASL, PSLV, GSLV, GSLV MKIII & delivering critical equipment to missions like Chandrayaan 1, Chandrayaan 2 & Mangalyaan is now set to play a crucial role in 'Gaganyaan' an indigenous mission that for the first time would take Indian astronauts to space, making the country fourth in line to have sent a human to space.

ISRO's Modified (Human rated) version of Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle GSLV Mk III, the three-stage heavy-lift launch vehicle, will be used to launch 'Gaganyaan'. The launcher uses two S200 solid propellant strap on boosters also known as Large Solid Boosters (LSB) to provide the huge amount of thrust required for lift off. These critical boosters, comprising of 3 segments of 3.2 Meter diameter and totalling to 20 Meters length are also been manufactured at Walchandnagar Industries Ltd.

WIL has come up with this state of art facility for proof pressure testing, a critical test for evaluating the integrity of segments. The testing is carried out hydraulically by filling the segments with oil and gradually subjecting them to very high internal pressure, simulating the functional parameters. The stresses developed are monitored and after analysis of results, the segment is cleared for dispatch to SHAR, Shriharikota for propellant filling.

Walchandnagar Industries Limited is the first in the country to have this facility. Amidst all the obstructions triggered by the pandemic & unabated that rains at Walchandnagar, the dedicated team realized this project within 15 months.

The virtual inauguration ceremony of this unique facility was held today at the hands of S Somanath (Director VSSC) with Dr. S. Unnikrishnan Nair (Director, Human Space Flight Centre) as the Guest of Honour. The ceremony was graced by many distinguished ISRO scientists from across different centres.

S Somanath (Hon Director VSSC) during his inaugural address praised WIL's long standing association with VSSC & contribution in various launch programs. He appreciated the commitment and dedication of Walchandnagar team for having accomplished the crucial task amidst all obstacles. S Somanath expressed high degree confidence that Shri Chirag Doshi will take this Company to greater heights.