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New Delhi: India’s first indigenous machine pistol developed jointly by Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) and Indian Army was displayed at the Army’s innovation display event. The ‘Make in India’ gun would be offered to replace the 9mm pistols in the defence forces.

The machine pistol can fire at a range of 100 metres and is in the class of the Uzi series guns of Israel. The prototype has fired over 300 rounds in the last four months of its development.

DRDO-Designed Sub-Machine Gun Successfully Undergoes User Trials

Earlier, DRDO-designed sub-machine gun successfully underwent defence ministry's user trails in December. The 5.56x30 mm sub-machinegun designed by the DRDO has already successfully undergone the defence ministry's user trials and is all set to be inducted into the services. DGQA Directorate General of Quality Assurance

5.56x30 mm Protective Carbine is a gas-operated semi null-pup automatic weapon having more than 700 rpm rate of fire.

The particular gun will be very useful counter insurgency / counter terrorism operations by security agencies as the effective range of the carbine is more than 100 metre and weighs about 3.0 kg with key features like high reliability, low recoil, retractable Butt, ergonomic design, single hand firing capability, and multiple picatinny rails etc.

The carbine has been designed as per Indian Army’s General Staff Qualitative Requirements (GSQR), by Armament Research and Development Establishment (ARDE), a Pune based laboratory of DRDO.