In a debate on Times Now, panellists discussed the Chaos that ensued in the United States as supporters of Donald trump stormed the Capitol building and forced a lockdown. A different controversy however arose when an Indian American Republican waved the Indian tricolour flag amidst the rampage.

‘Left-Lutyens’ allegedly linked Tricolour waving protestor, Vincent Xavier, to ‘Hindu – Bhakt’ groups. 

Shashi Tharoor was the first to lambast the incident, he said in the program "It is a reminder that there are people who have the same mindset as Trump is to a mob. People who are unfortunately willing to wield the flag as an instrument and as a weapon rather than as a badge of pride. And who are willing to wield it against critics and dissenter exercising their democratic rights."

Sooner than later, it was proved Mr Vincent Xavier (the tricolour flag bearer) was a close friend of Shashi Tharoor and a Congress sympathiser.

Varun Gandhi, a BJP MP from Pilibhit, posted a photo and a 2009 Twitter post by Vincent congratulating Tharoor on his Lok Sabha victory. He tweeted around 11am. Tharoor is a Congress MP from Thiruvananthapuram.

Pictures of Vincent with Shashi Tharoor do rounds on social media.
Vincent Xavier said in the program, 'I am a Roman Catholic from Kerala? How can I be a Hindu radical? I have no strong political affiliation to any politics in India at all'.

Xavier want on to say that he is a true patriot and is proud to be an Indian-American despite getting his US citizenship in 2003.

He further added that 'India is a model democracy for the rest of the world and so is the USA. This is where we have our freedom to express opinions and also that it is fundamentally wrong to blame Trump supporters or Republican Party for US Capitol violence because we don’t know who those people are'.

Xavier added that he was the state central committee member of the Republican Party of Virginia. He also said that he was carrying the flag to show the support of Indian Americans for President Trump and was not part of the violence inside the Capitol building.

He reiterated that the Congress party as of now is loosing the plot against the nationalistic/patriotic politics of the BJP.

Courtesy Times Now