Islamabad Pakistan’s outspoken Home Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed, who has been in the news in the media all over the world for his peculiar and outlandish statements, has once again given a funny statement. Pakistani leaders who have become completely blind in opposition to India hold Hindustan responsible for their sins and sins, from the smallest internal domestic problems to the biggest. One such incident has happened once again, which is ridiculous.

In fact, on Saturday night, there was a sudden black out in Pakistan, that is, the entire country lost electricity. This happened because the frequency of the power transmission system suddenly dropped. Now the Pakistani leaders who held India responsible for everything, blamed India for this as per their old habit. Pakistan’s interior minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed said that India is behind the power failure in Pakistan.

Rashid said that India has deliberately cut off the power of Pakistan, so as to distract the attention of the world from the widespread demonstration of farmers in New Delhi for several days.

Let us tell you that on Saturday, there was darkness in many important cities including Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar and Rawalpindi due to sudden power failure. In this regard, the Pakistan Ministry of Energy itself gave this information by tweeting and said that there was a nationwide blackout due to sudden drop in frequency of power transmission system from 50 to 0.