The 9th round of talks between three Union Ministers and representatives of 41 farmer unions remain inconclusive after nearly five hours of talks at Delhi's Vigyan Bhawan

New Delhi: Over 50-day-long farmers' agitation on Delhi's Singhu border again came out with some posters that raised questions over the entry of some elements taking advantage of the ongoing movement. Zee News on Friday (January 15) found the posters of terrorist Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale on some vehicles in one part of the protest ground. The occurrence of posters of the man who demanded Khalistan is certainly not a good sign for a movement being fought against new farm laws citing the interests of farmers.

At the same time, the 9th round of talks between three Union Ministers and representatives of 41 farmer unions remain inconclusive after nearly five hours of talks at Delhi's Vigyan Bhawan, with the government asking farmers to form an informal group to prepare a concrete proposal about their objections and suggestions on the three farm laws for further discussion.

The next round of talks will be held on January 19 to end the long-running protest, but farmer unions are still adamant on their main demand for a complete repeal of the three Acts. Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar told farmer leaders at the meeting that the government has been flexible in its approach and urged the same from them.

For the past 51 days, farmers, their families, young children, and elderly people have been staging their protest under the open sky in the freezing cold, while their so-called supporters are inside their warm homes. Surprisingly, the coronavirus guidelines to protest people against the deadly pandemic are being flouted here in a brazen way. The protesters here are also not ready to obey laws made by Parliament, Supreme Court, and other Government norms.

After the 9th round of talks, farmer leaders said that they want the repeal of the new agricultural laws, the reason, they would attend the next round of talks with the government, but will not appear before the Supreme Court-appointed committee to resolve the issue.

On the contrary, the government is ready to submit its stand before the committee. While those who have objections to the new laws are refusing to obey either the Parliament or the Supreme Court. In such a situation, it is difficult to predict what shape this movement will take in the coming days.

This attitude of farmers raises many questions for their supporters. For example, why are they seeking freedom from the laws that would actually give them the freedom to fix prices and choose markets? Why are those, who fought for saving the environment and demanded a ban on the burning of stubble, are standing with these protesters?

Amid talks when lunch break took place, farmers union leaders again took their own langar food, while the union ministers were seen mingling with the representatives of the farmer unions.

After the meeting, Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar told reporters that two separate deliberations can run parallelly as the farmer unions want to continue their talks with the government and the court-appointed panel has also been set up with an aim to resolve the crisis.

Tomar said, "Discussions happen at various platforms and a solution can emerge from anywhere. Our effort is to find a solution at the earliest through dialogue so that the farmers' protest ends. Farmers are sitting in cold weather amid the threat of COVID-19 and the government is concerned about that also and is therefore engaging with farmers with an open mind."

Earlier in the day, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi once again came to the fore and flayed Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He extended his support to the agitating farmers, alleging that the Prime Minister along with only five people are running everything from the airport to the judiciary, and they want to eliminate the farmers.

Tomar said, "I want to tell him through media that they had promised to undertake these reforms in their 2019 election manifesto. If he doesn't remember, he can read his manifesto again. If it is there in the manifesto, then Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi should come before the press and make it clear if they were lying then or are lying now."

Apart from this, Zee News will again show you some new evidence of Khalistan's entry into the Kisan movement. You will be surprised to know that Khalistan supporters appear to have hijacked this movement. The posters of Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale have been pasted on the Singhu border, where farmers have been agitating for the last 51 days.

Not only this but the pro-Khalistan organization, Sikhs For Justice, on Friday has threatened the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, releasing an audio message on social media. The shocking statement threatening the Chief Justice of India Sharad Arvind Bobde, and said, "Do Not Stop Punjab Farmers Kesari Tractor Rally On January 26.”