New Delhi: A couple of days back the proscribed terror group Sikhs for Justice which is batting for a separate Khalistan state had offered a reward for Punjab farmer to hoist a Khalistan flag at the India Gate.

On India's Republic Day, those protesting against the farm laws stormed the Red Fort and hoisted a flag and it was not the Tricolour. It was not a flag of Khalistan either as the SJF had asked for.

These violent scenes witnessed in Delhi today come in the way of Intelligence reports stating that the Pakistan based Khalistan groups are being pushed by their handlers to exploit the agitation in a bid to revive militancy in Punjab.

A day before the tractor parade, the Intelligence Bureau had declared a high state of alert in Delhi. The Intelligence Bureau has warned that pro-Khalistan elements backed by Pakistan's ISI would look to hijack the protests and disrupt peace in Delhi.

On Monday, the Delhi Police said that over 300 Twitter handles had been traced to Pakistan that were created to sabotage the rally. The proscribed outfit, Sikhs for Justice has been threatening strikes and has even tried to influence the farmers' protest on several occasions.

The CISF control room allegedly received a call from the SJF in which the message of Gurpatwant Singh Pannu's message was played. The SJF has been staging protests outside the Indian consulates at UK, US and Canada stating that they are backing the farmers' protests.

Both the IB as well as the Delhi Police have warned that the pro-Khalistan groups will look to disrupt peace. A close watch is being kept especially on the social media, where attempts would be made to spread false news and instigate the people.

"Over 300 Twitter handles have been generated from Pakistan during January 13 to 18 to disrupt the tractor rally by farmers only by misleading people. There are inputs about the same from different agencies too. It will be a challenging task for us, but the rally will be conducted amid tight security after the Republic Day parade is over," Deependra Pathak, Special Commissioner of Police (Intelligence), said.

At a press conference, he also said that mischievous elements can create a law and order situation. The 308 Twitter handles originating rom Pakistan have been pushing hashtags linked to the farmers' protest and the tractor rally, he also said.

On January 23, India had alerted several; nations against pro-Khalistan protests. "Wherever our missions see that anti-India activities are taking place, this issue is raised with the government of that country and we work with them," MEA spokesman Anurag Srivastava had said.