Last year was momentous in more ways than one. The year started off depressingly with the Covid-19 (also known as the Chinese Virus or Wuhan Virus) pandemic creeping swiftly across India, which eventually brought the nation and the entire world to a grinding halt. Economies were shattered and as a result jobs were lost, IDN saw a dramatic drop in readership during this period, however, despite this downturn, IDN continued publishing stories. However, things did pick up after June 2020 and some posts hogged the limelight.

The obvious popularity and eventual choice has been articles related to the TEJAS fighter, which is one of the most admired defence systems for all Indians. This was followed by stories related to our old friend the Russians, France, another trusted friend and a strong and reliable partner also unmistakably figured in the list. Noticeably, reverse nationalism too played its part as a story related to a massive China failure figures in the list as well.

Here is a roundup of the most viewed content on IDN of 2020: