The group had earlier won a competitive bid to run six airports across the country

NEW DELHI: Adani Land Defence Systems and Technologies, the defence venture of Adani Enterprises, is focusing on small arms and ammunition, anti-drone systems and maintenance, and aircraft repair and overhaul as the mainstay of its manufacturing operations.

A range of small arms--from assault rifles of the Tavor family to light machine guns (LMGs) and assault carbines--were on display by the company at the Aero India show, the first since it acquired 51% stake in PLR Systems, a joint venture company with Israel Weapons Industry (IW).

The Adani Group, a new entrant into the defence sector, has made a series of acquisitions over the last one year, including the Bangalore-based Alpha Design Systems Ltd. which works on a range of systems for the air force--from parts for the Su-30MKI fighter jets to upcoming orders to supply components for TEJAS fighter.

On display at the air show was an anti-drone system developed by the group. Anti-drone system has become a key requirement for airports in the face of growing threat of UAV proliferation. The system will also be offered to the armed forces for protection of key installations from emerging threats of micro UAVs and suicide drones.

Under its PLR umbrella – the acquisition of a functional small arms plant in Gwalior – the group is set to offer a range of weapons to security forces, including the iconic Uzi sub machine pistols, Negev LMGs and the Tavor assault rifles. It is believed that plans are underway to set up a new plant to manufacture a range of ammunition for small arms currently in use in India of the 5.56 and 7.62 calibre.

The Adani Group is also looking at establishing itself as a key player in the lucrative aircraft repair and overhaul operations (MRO) business by targeting both the civilian and military market. The group had earlier won a competitive bid to run six airports across the country.