Aircraft is named Genjet GLJ-3X1 RAJAS, rhyming with TEJAS, SARAS, TAPAS

Gensers been spearheading the design and development of a Light Business Jet & showcased its progress at Aero India 2021.

Genjet GLJ-3X1 is an Indian initiative of development of a '2+7 seat Light Business Jet', having twin turbofan engines with a cruise speed of 750 kmph and a range of 3,300 km; to travel across India, with SAARC countries and similar ranges elsewhere in the world, to meet the target market size of 1200 aircraft by 2033.

The design and development work has been progressing at Genser Aerospace, under a unique collaborative model of Aerofi for development of such high technology, high investment, high risk, long gestation aerospace products.

The model entails a collaboration among project initiator, project integrator and risk sharing partners to realise the products.

Among the stages of

1. Conceptual Design,
2. Preliminary Design,
3. Detailed Design & Mock up,
4. Prototyping, Testing, certification and,
5. Production

A full mock-up have been completed and further stages are in full swing for certification under CAR-23 and production launch is expected by 2023.

Genser's been working since 2015 on dev of a 2 pilot +7 seat Light Business Jet, complying to FAR 23, 5T all up weight, twin turbofan engine of 9KN each, max cruise speed 0.79 Mach, range 2250 NM.

Picture of Test Structure designed for static/fatigue testing of RAJAS wing.

RAJAS is also envisioned in different roles/versions; RAJAS-Kuleen for extended range & RAJAS–Rakshan for Special Mission Roles/Light Weight Special Cargo, VIP, Aerial Photography/Recce, Maritime/Overland Surveillance & Search, Lead in trainer for large jet transport aircraft, Air Ambulance & Optionally Piloted Aircraft (OPA) capability, etc.

A full-scale Mock up was built earlier to get physical feel

Source: Vayu Aerospace Review