The Indian Army in collaboration with an NGO has established a bakery as part of its women empowerment programme in a remote village in Jammu and Kashmir's Rajouri district, a defence spokesman said on Wednesday.

The Army came out with a pedagogy project to help create employment opportunities for the women of the area, by assisting and aiding them to enhance their skills, the spokesman said.

He said the women of underdeveloped remote expanses are also looking forward to becoming self-reliant and strive hard to improve themselves and their family's quality and standard of life.

“The Army appreciated and recognised this requirement of the local civil population at Kalakot and in collaboration with Aseem Foundation started corn products and caramelized walnuts bakery for the women of the village,” the spokesman said.

He said 10 unemployed women from Kalakot were selected and trained for 21 days.

“During the course of the period, these women were imparted with practical knowledge about bakery operation and the mediums related with the same,” he said, adding this initiative was a nanoscopic part of the overall effort of the Army towards women empowerment in order to enable them to seek better job opportunities and make them capable of initiating their own ventures and become self-reliable.

He said the Municipal Committee Chairman and public of Kalakot village conveyed their gratitude for this enterprising initiative for positive engagement of the unemployed women to pursue a line of profession with better opportunities and to hope for a brighter and prosperous future.

“Such positive engagement also re-establishes the faith of women in the administration of the country and encourages them to contribute towards national development,” the spokesman said.