JAISALMER: In order to check its artillery capacity and boost its fire power, the Indian army is assessing the capabilities of its fighter vehicles at the desert war game exercises held at Pokhran field firing range in Jaisalmer.

In this series, after Arjun Tank mark 1, on Sunday, the recently upgraded Sarath BMP-II’s ICV (infant combat vehicles)’s firing capacity was checked. BMP-II demonstrated its excellent firing capability at the war exercise and proved its relevance by hitting the pseudo targets at night. Earlier, BMP fighter vehicle did not have the capacity of firing in the night. Recently, ordinance factory board made a lot of changes in its features and developed capacity for firing during night.

Konark Core commander Lt Gen BS Manhas and Battle Axe division General Officer Commanding Major General Ajeet Singh Gehlot and other officers were present during the fire power desert demonstration.

According to reliable defence sources, the Indian Army looking at the new challenges it faces daily, is continuously trying to increase its firing capacity and that DRDO and ordinance factory board, looking at the requirements of the army, are trying to prepare improved versions of its existing fighter vehicles.

According to sources, the present fighter vehicles equipped with weapons of the army were not capable to work during night, so private and government agencies, experts and scientists are working to improve them as the capacities have to be expanded to deal with the present challenges and to protect our borders.

A source said, “Equipped with a rapid fire 7.62 MM medium coaxial machine gun, a 30 MM cannon and a second generation homing type anti-tank guided missile, the Sarath BMP-II can neutralise all kinds of land-based and low-flying military objects.”

Sources said that the army has started preparing to up its capacity to fight during night. For this, necessary changes are being made in the army’s infantry combat vehicles, to make them capable for night fight. According to information, the army has included improved features in recently developed BMP 2 infantry combat vehicles, especially developing capacity to fire in the night. It is provided with sharp night-vision devices and a low silhouette.

Sources said that its weight is 14.6 ton and the BMP 2’s maximum speed on road is 70kmph.

Sources said that Sarath BMP-II was tested in night on Sunday, wherein many army officers were present. It hit the target and proved its relevance.