Pakistan’s Khalistan leaders have been found using a religious stage at Gurdwara Nankana Sahib to drum up anti-India sentiments among the Indian Jatha. A video showing pro-Khalistani leader and Punjabi Sikh Sangat chairman Gopal Singh Chawla urging the Sikh Jatha from India to raise their voice for Khalistan has gone viral on social media.

Chawla is heard provoking the jatha members against the Indian government and saying that panacea of all the ‘miseries’ of Sikh community in India is Khalistan. Failing to elicit a favourable response, he is heard saying, “Tussi majboor ho, tussi wapis vee jana hai. Jo tuhadae dil vich hai tussi oh gal vee ni kar sakday (You are helpless, as you have to go back You cannot say what is in your heart).”

“Now the cat is out of the bag, everyone knows why Pakistan allowed Sikh jatha to visit Pakistan despite spike in Covid-19 cases. ISI which is believed to be the brain behind giving a Khalistani narrative to the farmers’ agitation in India and is trying to stir up the Khalistan movement by instigating gullible Sikhs,” said intelligence sources here.

Continuing his speech in presence of Evacuee Trust Property Board officials and Sikh politicians, Chawla says, “Kinnay mahinaie to kisan veer dharnay tay bathay nay, kinay sare shaheed vi ho gaye nay. Modi government unha di gal ni sundi hai. Ihna sare maslai da ikko hal hai, Khalistan (Farmers have been sitting on dharna for several months, many of them have achieved martyrdom. The Modi government is not listening to them. There is only one solution to all these issues, it is Khalsitan)”.

On Friday, the Sikh jatha paid obeisance at Gurdwara Sacha Sauda, Farooqabad, and would return back to Nankana Sahib on Friday evening.