International high-tech company Elbit Systems from Israel delivered India its third consignment of life-saving medical equipment comprising more than 1300 oxygen concentrators and 400 respirators. The shipment reached India on Sunday night as it was airlifted from the middle-eastern country.

Israel has thus far supplied 60 tonnes of medical supplies, 420 ventilators, three oxygen generators and 1,710 oxygen concentrators to India.

Several departments of the Israeli government including their health, finance and foreign affairs ministries along with the National Security Council and control centre coordinated seamlessly to carry out the deliveries of this essential medical assistance.

“The State of Israel is happy to stand solidly side by side with India as a true friend and a strategic partner in this hour of need. In the last few days, we have successfully airlifted three different consignments of life-saving medical supplies to India,” Dr Ron Malka, Israel’s ambassador to India.

He added, “This includes 60 tonnes of advanced medical equipment and several oxygen concentrators. More consignments carrying further medical aid will arrive for the people of India in the coming days. The friendship between both countries is strong and collaboration during the Covid-19 crisis will only make it stronger.”

India had come of immense help to Israel by delivering masks, gloves along with the raw materials for medications during the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. The Benjamin Netanyahu-led country is looking to reciprocate those gestures while it continues to be embroiled in a bitter conflict with the terrorist group Hamas simultaneously.