Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Saturday extended his thanks to various countries for standing with Israel during the Israel-Palestine violence. Israel on Saturday slammed the Gaza Strip with airstrikes, in a dramatic escalation that included bombing the home of a senior Hamas leader, killing a family of 10 in a refugee camp – most of them children – and pulverizing a high-rise that housed The Associated Press, Al Jazeera, and other media.
Meanwhile, the Health Ministry in Gaza said that since Monday more than 140 Palestinians have been killed, including 40 children and 20 women, and about 1,000 others injured.

In a tweet, Netanyahu shared the emoticons of flags of all the countries that are supporting Israel and wrote, “Thank you for resolutely standing with Israel and supporting our right to self defence against terrorist attacks.”

However, this hasn’t been received well by the Indians who stand with Israel. While many Indians are supporting Palestine and condemning Israel for it attacks and airstrikes, there are also Indians who support Israel and believe that Gaza should be destroyed.

If you are a regular Twitter user then you must have noticed the hashtag #IndiaStandsWithIsrael. However, now that Netanyahu has not included the flag of India and has not thanked India for supporting Israel, all Indians siding with Israel are upset and angry at the Israeli Prime Minister.

Many are questioning why India has been not been thanked even after so many Indians have pledged their support to Israel. Others are asking PM Narendra Modi to clear his stance on the issue.