Australian firm Cyborg Dynamics has unveiled a new anti-tank guided missile (ATGM)-equipped concept demonstrator of its tracked Warfighter unmanned ground vehicle (UGV), tentatively called the Warfighter Spike UGV. The UGV is designed to carry a wide range of mission systems and payloads to address specific operational requirements.

The Warfighter UGV is based on BIA5’s tracked OzBot All Terrain Robot (ATR) chassis. As Cyborg official told, the UGV can support a payload weight of up to 330 kg and is equipped with a hybrid-electric drive system that enables it to operate for periods of up to 72 hours, although its endurance can be extended by fitting additional fuel tanks.

The baseline vehicle is fitted with the EOS Defence R150 lightweight stabilised remote weapon station (RWS), which can accommodate a 5.56 mm/7.62 mm light machine gun or 12.7 mm heavy machine gun.

The new ATGM concept demonstrator features a two-cell missile launcher carrying Rafael Advanced Defense Systems’ Spike LR2 ATGMs, which are guided by an uncooled IR seeker and a high-definition (HD) LED day sensor – with communication supported by a fibre-optic bi-directional datalink with the launch control unit – out to ranges of 5.5 km, according to