Authorities have taken strict security measures in Beijing, as armed forces rehearsed for a parade celebrating the centenary of the Chinese Communist Party

Over the weekend, more than 14,000 people, including security personnel, took part in the centenary rehearsals in Beijing’s Tiananmen district. The rehearsals covered the warm-up phase, entering and exiting the venue, the main celebration and emergency response, according to state media.

Photos circulated on social media showed China’s advanced J-20 stealth fighter jets and army helicopters flying in the formations of the numbers 100 and 71 — a reference to the date of the centenary on July 1.

The rehearsals reportedly involved the central military band, choir, honour guard as well as emergency service personnel.

The Beijing government closed off roads in many areas over the weekend and placed restrictions on the airspace of nine administrative districts. Authorities earlier announced that Tiananmen Square would be closed from June 23 to July 1.

Beijing authorities will also step up its “social harmony campaign” and evict all petitioners deemed “unsightly” before June 15, according to Radio Free Asia. The city will be fully secured with no vulnerabilities by June 20, the report said.

Security officials are conducting strict checks at railway stations and piers, and those found with a record of petitioning will be turned away, according to Chinese human rights blog Weiquanwang.